Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Attack of the Killer Bunnies

So in what is now becoming a bit of a tradition, we headed up to the Bunya Mountains for Easter again this year. Delle and I started our journey well by listening solely to Passenger on the way to Gatton where we came upon a herd of men with their toy planes. Not long after arrival we heard an almighty bang and came across the above picture of Simon's crushed hopes and dreams. It hit the gutter at great speed, leaving a dent and almost taking out Tim's head.

Views from the Blanch farm.

We arrived late at the Bunya Gunya and emerged the next morning for some frisbee and french cricket.

Amoungst an assortment of games played was the very relevant Killer Bunnies. What better way to celebrate Easter then by playing a card game depicting the violet deaths of bunnies by an assortment of cruel and unusual weapons? This is a glimpse of what turned out to be a 5 hour marathon game with dinner break in between. The board was cleared by the Magic Urn which to Caleb's glee gave him everybody's bunnies and just about everyone's carrots. This was combated several rounds later with a " pay 2 dolla for every carrot" card. He kissed about 18 carrots goodbye and the game pretty much restarted again, hence 5 hour game! 

Delle and I were in charge of the Easter Egg hunt and "general frivolities" so we came up with a few challenging factors to make it extra hard for the big kids...

Using our superb hiding skills we set out with sticky tape and proceeded to make it as difficult as possible! 

Besides being held at dusk, we also devised a points system whereby different colours got a different point. 

Delle looking after 'Swixie'


Tim's haul

Pandemic! Shelley looks like she's about to throw in the towel. 

The men were in charge of breakfast which was nice to wake up to, I have to say. 

Delle and Krystal in the loft waiting for our pancakes. 

Trixie having a bit of fun in her cute tutu.

Dexter up to some kind of mischief


Glen and Dexter- our walk to see Alex's plane fail.

Failed plane given to the child to do as he pleases...

Dexter holding as many toys as he can:

We're going on a bear hunt...

Delle picking flowers at the gorgeous lookout. 

and Caleb frolicking in the long grass. 

Jo and Delle relaxing after the uphill stride.

King of the mountain. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

At Last- Alice Springs

So almost 6 months after this trip ended, I'm finally posting the final photographs. I'll try to remember all the witty anecdotes of the days we spent in Alice and surrounds for your reading pleasure. I really can't promise the accuracy that comes with fresh experience though. 

Our road trip from Kings Canyon was unexpectedly longer with more dirt roads. Mella made use of earplugs and earphones to drown out the corrugations and us shouting above them to continue her nursing studies. 

We picked up this swedish hitchhiker named Helga in the middle of nowhere...

Visited Albert Namatjira's house and nearby Hermannsberg

To eventually arrive dusty and tired at Alice:

The next morning we leisurely made our way to the information centre to help plan out our day. We realistically decided to visit just three of the places along the MacDonnell Ranges- Standley Chasm, Ellery Creek and Simpsons Gap.

Upon arrival at Stadley Chasm, we were confronted with these magnificent orange pictures of when the midday sun hits the exact point in between the two walls and reflects the colour of the rock. So of course we waited.

and waited...

and waited...

It must have been a different season when those photographs were taken but it was still rather impressive nevertheless. I only had the Holga with me so my photos are somewhat muted. Bree's photo below shows it more as it was:

We then made our way to Ellery Creek, very excited to swim in the waterhole there. On our way there we came across the reason why you should never wear open shoes while riding a motorbike. A girl had been riding on the back of a bike had fainted from heatstroke and just fallen off. It was about 43 degrees out. Her heels were pretty ripped up and her thighs up to her butt, well there was nothing left of her shorts. Luckily some locals had stopped and one of them was an intensive care nurse so they took her into Alice. 

Once we got the the gorge though the cool water was the only thing on our minds. We jumped straight in and started swimming for the deep water. We met a local yokel or two  through the gap who somehow convinced us that jumping off the rock about 6 metres up was a great idea. We obliged and he was forced into coaching the more reluctant of us (you know who you are) to actually take the plunge. Eventually we had all had our hearts in our throats and came back for another round. Also met a loud American girl who was also conned into abandoning her air mattress to join in the fun.  

As is a common theme please find below our last stop of the day at Simpson's Gap. We stayed here for sunset on the shallow pool of water and the dry riverbed. 


We were also treated to seeing some rock wallabies and another rare sight- a goanna munching on a 2 metre snake! Oh, Australia, you really have so much to offer. 

Dry desert flowers were collected on the way home.

A proposal made.

Matching sisters on Sunday

And curiosity finally won as we decided a visit to the botanic garden would be in order. Lots of desert flowers and surprisingly a lot of colour despite the harsh conditions they have to flower in. 

Goodbye Northern Territory!